Money May Not Buy Happiness, But These Bags Definitely Make a Hard Bargain

Money May Not Buy Happiness, But These Bags Definitely Make a Hard Bargain

Essential Must-Have Bags That Will Give Your Outfits An Instant Glow Up

Even with the recent repeat lockdowns, most of us have been long due for a closet renewal. It’s time to scoop out the old handbag pieces hibernating in your wardrobe and start scouting for fresher pieces. Here’s 6 quality handbags that probably won’t look out of place in a gallery.

1. Lucia Ruched Hobo Bag

Sometimes it’s a sleek pair of aviators, and other times it might be a pair of bombshell shoes. But it’s almost magical how a single accessory can be the sole difference between a dull, dry outfit and a classy, jazzed up look, effortlessly. That’s the power of having an accessory that’s been crafted to impress.

The Lucia Ruched Hobo Bag comes with the gorgeous ruched & scrunched top handle which adds an unmistakable flair to the timeless Hobo Bag. And the intricately ruffled soft manmade leather makes for an incredibly simple way to freshen up your wardrobe with practically zero stress.

Handbags may be a girl’s best friend but Christy Ng’s handbags are the ultimate complement to the modern-day woman’s wardrobe. It’s the perfect bag for when the occasion calls for a dressed-up look that requires time to put together. All you have to do is throw on a few essentials & sling on the Lucia Ruched Bag for an immediate splash of sophistication to your fit.

Or when you’ve been way overusing your usual outfit rotations that your friends are starting to catch on (we’ve all been there). And you don’t want to seem like you’re just reusing the same clothes over and over again - this is your lifesaver. It’s the kind of bag that’s designed to stun no matter how many times you bring it out all season.

This bag is perfectly sized to carry your daily essentials and more. Keep your belongings organized with the 2 internal slip pockets and use the zip pocket for items such as your keys and cards. This hobo bag stands on its own with the flat-based bottom and can easily be switched into a seriously neat clutch by simply folding down the top handle.

2. Viva Pouch

Alright, time to come clean - the Viva Pouch has been a team favourite for quite a while which we’ve been itching to add to our capsule collections! It’s one of those undeniably addictive bags to grab whenever you’re heading out due to its sheer size & versatility as a super adorable pouch. When it comes to a seasonal wardrobe refresh, the Christy Ng’s Viva Pouch definitely takes the cake hands down as it’s the kind of bag you’d bring everywhere even when you aren’t supposed to!

It’s the kind of bag you’d fashion girls & celebs all over the globe would have easily tucked into their collections.

With the colours & shades it comes in, this is the perfect bag for levelling your outfit in 3 seconds flat. It’s basically the handbag MVP of the year. And we get it, every handbag in your collection is precious to you & has gone through both thick & thin with you through the years. But if it’s been way too long, they’ve just got to go! The best part about owning a pouch this irresistibly petite is how well it goes with other handbags & accessories.

Christy Ng's Viva Pouch will keep you organized for all your daily to-dos. Crafted from the same textured vegan leather as the Daniela Tote Bag Set, this handy pouch opens up into a spacious interior that fits your small essentials. The internal zip and slip pockets keep all your cards and coins secure.

Have errands to run & got to lug around a whole bunch of stuff? You can slip this pouch into your Daniela Tote Bag for a super stylish way of keeping all your important stuff while staying practical. Need to look cute but you can’t be carrying this pouch around 24/7? Hook on the detachable shoulder strap for a gorgeous cross-body handbag look! The possibilities are endless with a capsule collection.

The key is to keep it as simple as you can!

3. Mae Pochette Shoulder Bag

Comfort and functionality. Two things every handbag needs but something virtually most handbags lack. Mass production & the ever-growing demand for bags might cause plenty of cheap knock-offs to flood the market.

But we’ve made a personal commitment that you’ll never have to stray far away from any Christy Ng’s collection when looking for a bag that actually does its job as a handbag. The Mae Pochette shoulder bag isn’t your average shoulder bag - as it’s crafted from durable vegan leather with a slim silhouette that essentially makes the look even with the simplest of outfits.

This is yet another bag that you can just thoughtlessly sling over your shoulder as it’s one of the quickest ways to level up your look. Because no matter how many dresses, accessories, or shoes you own, nothing beats a timeless shoulder bag.

Easily detach the adjustable shoulder strap to carry it as a clutch with a shorter strap for when you need to change it up or adjust to different outfits. It’s also impressive in the looks department with an alluring gold chain that comes with the same polished finish as the gold-toned hardware on the bag.

This practical pochette is fitted with a handy internal zip pocket that has more than enough space for your cell phone, wallet, & keys. It also comes with a detachable quick-access pouch to keep all your most important cards and small items secure in place.

4. Colby Handbag

There’s always a little something to suit everyone’s elegant taste and the Colby Handbag stands in a league of its own. From Sage Green to Apricot to Blush, the Colby is available in all of the best-looking shades which can easily be paired with anything in your closet - even if you’re blindfolded!

That’s what is so great about owning a wardrobe that’s built on basics, at any time of the year - you can easily get in on any trend, weather, or whim of your fancy despite what you own without worrying about missing out.

And one thing the Colby Handbag does not skimp on is its uniqueness with its distinct cube-like frame, the Colby is the bag to have especially as it is also designed in the season's rising looks.

It’s as simple as slinging one on before you head out, whether it’s for work, groceries, or a quick date - this bag will give you a look that makes you seem in the know on the latest fashion trends while still not overcomplicating things thanks to your capsule wardrobe!

Made from soft, textured vegan leather, it comes with a pair of slim top handles with a detachable strap. This roomy top handle bag comes with gold feet to protect the base from scratches and the bag opens to a spacious twill lining with a zip pocket to keep all your small items organized. Attach the adjustable shoulder strap to go hands-free for the weekend or strut the streets with your best fit on your way to Sunday brunch.

5. Rosy Raspberry Mini Canvas Tote

There’s nothing that screams out boring more than a wardrobe that doesn’t have a single piece of color. The Rosy Raspberry Tote Bag isn’t just reserved for girls with a brighter personality. It’s been proven time and time again that what you wear has always had a major role in your daily routines. Which means if you’ve been on the neutral tones train for over a year, maybe it’s time to experiment and switch things up to take your creative side for a spin.

Considering the times we’re in right now, even something as simple as a change in handbag choice can turn around your whole month’s vibe for a pristine, newfound head start.

Inspired by Malaysia's all-time favourite drink, Christy Ng's Rosy Raspberry Tote Bag is meant to evoke the tantalizing flavours of the sirap bandung beverage. The tonal pink shades of this canvas tote takes on the Sirap Bandung's striking pink and the sophistication of the refreshing rosy raspberry flavour that is exclusively co-created with The Tapping Tapir for Raya 2021.

This mini eco-friendly tote bag is a down-sized version of the large canvas tote and is lined with water-resistant coating and reinforced with canvas linings at the edge to keep your belongings safe. You can also add your name to the bag to make it uniquely yours and it's also be embroidered on one side of the bag while the Christy Ng logo gets printed on the other side.

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