6 Ankle-Friendly Heels You Won't Stop Wearing

6 Ankle-Friendly Heels You Won't Stop Wearing

The Reality of Walking in Heels

Beauty is pain. But this doesn’t have to be the case for many especially for something as elegant as your heels! You shouldn’t have to sacrifice beauty just to keep your ankles intact. From walking long distances during errands to standing for long periods at work - these 8 shoes will keep your feet safe & comfy.

1. Harley Satin Mules

Handcrafted from smooth satin, the uppers are carefully pleated and folded in an elegant twist that accentuates the lustrous finish of the satin. Combine this with the carefully crafted footbed for exceptional comfort and you have the perfect stunner pair saved for the right occasions.

The nature of heels makes it such that your posture will need to be significantly affected. And if the shoes you’re wearing aren’t exactly ankle-friendly, it can be difficult to have your game face on the whole day. Instead of sacrificing your best outfits & having a bad time, simply switch out your shoes!

Christy Ng's Harley Satin Mules are the type of style that you can rely on for seasons to come. Cut in a classic slip-in silhouette, this pair of mules sit on a comfortable 3-inch heel that is slightly curved for a sculptural touch that gives you an exquisite flair like no other.

Imagine the delicate satin on your skin while sporting your best-looking dress or just taking your Sunday brunch outfit with worn denims to the next level. Designed for the runway, these mules are the kinds of shoes your friends & colleagues will be rushing to hunt these exact pairs down the moment they see it on you.

2. Reyna Mules

Designed to go well with any of your outfits, these slip-in mules are handmade from ultra-soft vegan leather & dream-like microfiber linings. So not only will you be having an incredibly fashion-forward look but you’ll also be at the top of the mountain with how you feel. And it’s because of how much thought we put into how it feels when you wear it!

The season’s top trending puffed-up straps look will comfortably hug your feet with all-day comfort as you go about your day with utmost style. It’s these types of shoes that fill the closets of fashion insiders worldwide, as mules are some of the most versatile heels that are available.

The backless shoe may bring up doubts but you won’t have to bat an eye with the Reyna Mules thanks to its non-slip rubber sole & padded footbed on an amazing 1.5-inch block heel - providing just the right amount of lift without sacrificing comfort. You’d be surprised at how big of a role this little feature is especially when it comes to heels just like these for your posture health. Problems such as lower back issues can arise simply because your feet are sinking a little too deep into your shoes.

You have to remember that you’ll be spending a lot of time in your shoes!

3. Luisa Slingback Pumps

If there ever was a pair of heels that would last centuries - the Christy Ng’s Luisa Slingback Pumps would instantly steal first place. Unlike many other shoes that just take a fraction of what’s trending in season & simply releasing it out without putting much thought into the rest of the shoe. The Luisa Slingback Pumps are designed with deliberate focus into every aspect of the footwear which means these might be a pair of heels you’d never find yourself cutting out for years to come.

And yes, the fact that it’s stunningly easy to slip into helps a ton as well. Christy Ng's Luisa Slingback Pump is an updated take on the classic slingback style. Handcrafted from vegan leather in a pointy toe silhouette, they are set on a 3.5-inch sculptural heel that adds elegant depth to this classic look. Worried about slipping about? Don’t be! The outsoles of these pumps are crafted with some of the best non-slip materials available and a handy slingback for secure wearing all day long.

These are an effortlessly chic choice for day or night (or for work!) Wear yours with a pair of skinny jeans or office pants. Sometimes your wardrobe requires a much-needed breath of fresh air and these polished, sleek pairs of pumps fit the bill perfectly.

4. Piper Slip In Mules

It might be high time to hit pause on the subpar knockoff department store shoes & start looking at shoes that’s a lot more appropriate to be worn for longer than an hour at one time. And also a pair that won’t give out on you after a few days of wearing. You’ll be walking & living a new you with the Piper Slip In Mules that are styled in about the classiest heels you’ll get your hands on this season.

Handcrafted locally from soft vegan leather, this pair of slip-on sits on geometric 3-inch low heels. These mules come with microfiber lining and padded footbed as well so you won’t be thinking twice about looking good & feeling good every time you’re about to head out of the house.

Another often overlooked feature of heels is the arch & foot support design of the shoe and what makes this tricky is that you can’t exactly ‘see’ the arch support although it’s one of the biggest factors to keeping your feet structurally supported in the best way possible.

Show off your glossy pedicure with the season’s best trending shades of these slip-in mules and top your favourite outfits on with a refined touch. Gone are the days where you’d have to spend an extra hour trying out a million outfits to find the perfect fit, the Piper Slip Ins are made to be your go-tos while keeping you looking gracefully kept.

5. Kaylee Mules

It’s the little details that really make the look and when it comes to statement pieces, not every piece has to be ‘loud’ per se. This is where a pair of mules like the Kaylee’s has such an ‘it’ look just with the subtle touches. If you want to dress to impress, these heels should definitely be in your top 3.

The Christy Ng’s Kaylee Mules are the type of footwear you can count on to look good for all occasions with a tasteful twist. And the best part about these heels is that it’s a pair of heels that’s not too high - a height that makes it sensible to walk on a casual stroll while also keeping things manageable when heading out for a grocery run.

Handcrafted from vegan leather along with a non-slip rubber outsole as well - this design is based on the classic slip-in mule silhouette with a courtly ruched upper. With so many bad shoe decisions in the past, most of us know to keep careful caution when it comes to buying the next shiny thing. After all, you don’t want just another impulse buy pair collecting dust in your closet.

The rounded square toe look is set on 3-inch heels that’s ever so slightly curved for a sculptural hint to the pair. This means you can be rocking these mules any day no matter your outfit while still keeping things classy with a sophisticated look.

6. Alexa Chunky Low Heels

If there’s something we’re all too familiar with, it’s the shoes that stood the test of time despite all of the ones that have come and gone. And the golden question is how do you find more of them!

And you may wonder why we’re bringing this up even when timeless style shoes tend to get a bad rep for being boring. But when you think about it, the only ‘boring’ pairs are always the ones that are designed only to feel good. Not looking good.

This is where Christy Ng’s Alexa Chunky Low Heels enter the picture perfectly. Everyone from the queen to the top celebrities wears them, low heels go with so many different outfits and are suitable for so many occasions that it’s just an outright no-brainer!

These amazing low heels take on all of this season's trending shades with a classic 2-inch chunky heel that is edgy but comfortable. The square front of this strappy heel comes with soft edges for a feminine touch to this edgy look. With shades that are neutral to match with virtually any wardrobe, these will be one of the pairs you’ll constantly keep coming back to time and time again through the seasons.

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